About the writer (Tre Simmons):

One of the reasons I got started in writing music reviews was from my inherent love of music. I’ve been involved with playing an instrument and/or singing since I was 10 or 11 years old, as a kid in my elementary school orchestra. One day, while scrolling through the internet, I stumbled upon a website named Pitchfork, which began as an extra project for college attendee Ryan Schreiber. He has since turned his blog project into a multimedia extravaganza, both on and offline. Pitchfork now has festivals in Paris and Chicago yearly, as well as hosting events at SXSW, interviewing various artists throughout the year and keeping up to date on all music news.

As I’ve gotten older, I decided I wanted to start writing and reviewing music online for the world to see. I continue to research and read any and all music websites I stumble upon, and relatively recently began posting reviews online through various avenues. One such avenue is Sputnikmusic, where I’ve written three reviews under the username Filling. I also post year end lists of my 50 favorite albums of any given year, along with a handful of honorable mentions.

While I’m in college, I am trying to decide how I want to dedicate myself to pursuing music as a career outside of academia. I still play music, and I produce my own music, but I’m also interested in working as a music critic. Ideally, I’d love to be a recording and touring musician, but I also want to begin my own music website or magazine. I’d eventually like to follow in the footsteps of Pitchfork, but with a slant geared more towards the intersections of music, pop culture and social justice. I’m still actively trying to figure out exactly the direction I wish to take when I venture beyond a college campus.