FDOM Wrap-up & Thoughts

File Apr 30, 11 23 06 PM

It’s been a pretty odd semester for me in terms of classes; I didn’t really enjoy any of them besides the one I began writing this blog for. In a way, getting to write about music and draw my way through the semester help me maintain some sort of consistency and a small thing to look forward to. The main thing I found useful in running and maintaining a blog was the simple act of putting together reviews for some of the things I live that fell concurrently with this time in my life. I also think my (admittedly) small social media following ultimately helped my blog garner some minor level of outreach on the things that I like to write about and that make me happy. I’m also very orderly when it comes to statistics and online reach, so the stats page kept me mildly amused and entertained, as well as showing that my words can matter, even in the massive world of the internet.

Most of the things that I didn’t find very effective related to the widgets and various “extras” WordPress has to offer. I’m not sure if I just didn’t see how important they are to a blog or if I didn’t use them effectively, but ultimately they were the least beneficial in my mind to keeping my blog looking good and producing good content. I would ultimately like to improve the aesthetic appearance of my blog. For example, I love that this blog helped me to become better at drawing, color theory, and the like, but I would have also loved to have a high quality camera and a mini studio to get better images for my blog. Additionally, I’d like the layout of the blog to be a little prettier, which may come with upgrading to the Pro version of WordPress, or acquiring more knowledge in HTML and CSS.

Ultimately, this blog helped my want to pursue music writing in a more professional manner. The strongest week I had was when I wrote my post about the newest Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. I ultimately garnered 14 views from 10 separate visitors that week. My most popular posts were the reviews on Migos’ latest album and the 100% Silk labels’ compilation album, Sensate Silk. To me, that maybe stems from that artist and label having a very specific type of listener, which may have led to other people’s interest in reading what I had to say about them. I hope to be able to continue said interest in my writing as I continue on in college and beyond.